Code Editor

Get the complete control over HTML/CSS in your Mobirise project.

How to install Code Editor

  1. Code Editor is included in All-in-One Mobirise Kit. Activate the key for All-in-One Kit or Code Editor in the Extensions list in the app.
  2. Find Code Editor in the Extensions list. Click on the Add button to add it. This button is available if your subscription is valid.

How to use Code Editor

Edit Blocks Code

Click the Edit Code button on the Tools panel to open the Code Editor.

html code editor
Custom HTML block 

This block appears in the Blocks list: you can add it to a page to add your code.

Global Style Editor

Get access to theme styles and set your CSS rules globally for a project. With Code Editor, you'll find the button Edit in Code Editor in Style Changer.

best html code editor
Global HTML Insert

Add code excepts to all pages globally with the Global HTML Insert. This functionality is available in Site Settings with Code Editor.

HTML lang Tag

Set the HTML lang tag for your site. This field will be available in Site Settings.

Place Your Scripts

You can add your code to HEAD and BODY parts of your page.

No Mobirise Mentions

There will be no mentions about the app in the code of your sites.

Frequently asked questions

  • I have installed Code Editor, but I still see Mobirise mentions.
    Open the main menu in the app, and then click on the Account tab. Open App Settings, and in the Code Editor section, enable the "Remove Mobirise from HTML" option.
  • I can't edit some Mobirise blocks fully, such as galleries in M4 themes.
    Unfortunately, these blocks are powered by Mobirise plugins that don't allow free editing of code. We are trying to avoid such practice in new themes. 
  • Why don't my scripts work?
    In most cases, custom scripts are filtered by the app to avoid issues. You'll see your JS scripts when you preview your site. Your server-side scripts will work when you publish your site to your server.
  • My widget doesn't work when my page is published online.                         
    Please check the link used in your widget, and add a protocol to it, like "https://". It's often missed.
  • I have edited a Mobirise block with Code Editor, and now I can't edit its content visually.
    Please don't remove existing classes and attributes freely. Some of them are important for the visual editor.


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